The Angel of Meat!

October 8, 2005

On eBay, seller says: “This item was generously donated for auction by Mark Ryden and Porterhouse Fine Art Editions. This print is entitled “The Angel of Meat”, and is possibly the most rare and sought-after […]

Mystery Book Auction

May 17, 2005

Seller stansoft says: “It is probably the second most wanted book in America and for a reason! (If you ask why second, because I’m a Christian and I truly believe that America’s most wanted book is Bible, […]

‘No More Jennifer Wilbanks’ Cracker

May 13, 2005

Image copyright of seller: tjackson16 Says seller: “I am selling a “no more” Jennifer Wilbanks cracker. It seems like everyone is trying to make a buck off the bride who wouldn’t be!!! So I figure […]