Cheese Louise! Have You Seen this Website Logo on Pepperjack Cracker?


Yowza, get a load of this crazy auction on eBay that just popped up on my weirdness radar! Up for grabs is a single, square inch snack cracker bearing the logo of a super well-known website that apparently doesn’t use said logo anymore.

See the eBay auction here.

This little cheesy boy comes from a fresh box of pepperjack crackers. But it’s the discontinued logo that makes this otherwise normal cracker a true novelty, says the seller/

Just imagine breaking this baby out at a party – your friends will be so impressed by your awareness of internet history and rare graphic design finds. You can casually mention how you acquired this one-of-a-kind collectible on eBay by outbidding dozens of other logo enthusiasts. Total conversation starter.

At just 1 inch squared, it’s the ultimate compact size to keep in your wallet or display in a tiny frame. Whenever you’re feeling nostalgic for the early internet days, take a glance at this little crunchy slice of web history.

May the cheese be with you!

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