Fashion Forward: eBay’s Most Adventurous Seller of Torn Shorts


Forget about conventional notions of pristine clothing and immaculate stitching. This seller, with their unapologetically ripped shorts, is redefining what it means to make a fashion statement. With each frayed edge and exposed thread, they challenge the notion that clothing must conform to traditional standards. Who needs a seamless garment when you can embrace the raw beauty of a pair of shorts that have weathered life’s adventures and emerged as a symbol of unapologetic rebellion? This fashion renegade is rewriting the rulebook, one tattered thread at a time.

Seller from Hines, Oregon says:

The shorts were purchased in/around 1993 in a then, small town on the Oregon Coast named Newport. There, they walked up and down the beach just passed Newport in a small area called Agate Beach. My children ran around with our pup following them, collecting agates. The shorts were perfect for the agates with their nice deep pockets. Fast forward to Mt Hood, Oregon. These shorts proved their durability as they/we hiked around the base of Oregon’s mighty Mt Hood. One time, while hiking we heard what we believe to of been BigFoot making his/her screeching sound. They held up to their fine durability as we ran down the trail and back to our truck! They never busted a seam at all! These shorts, with their proven comfort even hopped on an airplane and flew to Disneyland. They were the first clothing item I packed! My hubby kept asking me, “Are you really taking those shorts?” Uhm, yes! So, for the last almost 31 years these shorts have become part of our life’s story. From Soccer Mom to painting the house to hiking and beach combing they held strong and comfortable.

Check out this auction on eBay – Auction ends 6/28/2023

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