‘No More Jennifer Wilbanks’ Cracker

Image copyright of seller: tjackson16

Says seller: “I am selling a “no more” Jennifer Wilbanks cracker. It seems like everyone is trying to make a buck off the bride who wouldn’t be!!! So I figure I’ll start a cracker auction of my own, in the hopes that I will not see or hear of her name again!!! I didn’t see her in my coffee, I didn’t see her in my cup or on my toast. I saw her on my cracker and now she just won’t go away, so I need to sell my cracker and get her out of my home. I have seen so much toast with her picture on it that, If I had all the toast that was up for auction I could feed a small country( well maybe not ).”

Ends May-18-05 18:02:56 PDT
Start time: May-11-05 18:02:56 PDT

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