Whoa! You can be a walking duck with this head mask costume


This duck head is super cute and super cool! The colors are so bright and vivid, the orange and the yellow not cheap in any way. The eye-holes come out of the two nose holes so you are able to see where you are going pretty easily. There is no other holes to breathe other than the eye holes but it’s actually pretty roomy around the neck area so you’re able to get air from there.

The two main problems are: one there are no air holes so it will collect much condensation. Two the eye holes are are the nose and offer a insultingly low amount of vision. You might not see well.

This is definitely a conversation starter everybody wants to know where we got it from! You also use this at his school for rallies and class participation days it’ll be a hit!

  • Super Funny Hilarious yellow duck can’t fly because of too heavy. quack quack quack, walks from side to side.
  • Latex,Environmental and Non-toxic. One Size Fits Most.
  • Comfortable and breathable, see through the mask’s mouth and nose’s hole.
  • Good stretch, shrink, durable, easy to carry .
  • Great for Masquerade Parties, Costume Parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, Halloween or any other parties


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